The Value of Slowing Down

If there were a motto for this day and age, it would be “ASAP.”

Everything is due right now, everything needs to be submitted as soon as we can get it done, we’re constantly in a hurry because time is money, and if you waste any time, then you’re just throwing money down the drain. So hurry through your calcs, hurry through your drafting, hurry through your quality assurance procedures, and get the drawings out the door. We’ve all been guilty of this.

Things go badly when we as engineers cut corners. The amount of hustle in the first draft of the plans is directly proportional to the number of problems that arise after those first drawings are issued.

There’s a popular idea that there are three attributes that a client can ask for: fast, cheap, and good, and that you can pick two of the three and make it work. Low fees driven by a highly competitive market mean that the “cheap” part is already built into our business model, unfortunately. When “fast” becomes the default, then the only thing left to tweak is “good”… so it goes by the wayside, which can have disastrous consequences.

When you make a mistake, fix it.

When you make two mistakes, back up, take a deep breath, and look at everything with a fresh set of eyes.

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