Amy Patrick, P.E., is the Principal and CEO of Thalia Engineering Studio, and an adjunct professor of structural analysis and design at the University of Houston – Downtown.

Amy spent four years prior to founding Thalia with the top structural firm, Walter P Moore, whose Greatest Hits include most of the hospital buildings within the Texas Medical Center, as well as the lion’s share of the nation’s football stadia. Before moving to Houston to work at Walter P Moore, Amy was a structural associate with Wiss Janney Elstner & Associates, Inc., a prominent failure analysis and investigation firm, working out of the Los Angeles office.

Her professional interests include enhancing the integration of engineering and architectural design; high-performance structural design; seismic, blast, and flood mitigation; engineering education; construction safety; finite element analysis of structural systems; consequence-based engineering; and engineering management methods.

She is passionate about community outreach and is a two-time panelist for the Hockaday Alumnae in Technology and Science program, along with being a founding mentor of the Houston Chapter of the nationally-recognized ACE Program. She serves on the Project Lead the Way advisory board for the Houston Independent School District and assisted with the program’s accreditation.

In December 2011, Amy traveled to Brazil as one of a U.S. Department of State delegation of eight women scientists chosen for a special diplomatic mission to study the advancement of women in STEM fields.

Amy is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the states of California and Texas.

When she’s not waxing eloquent on her incredibly stuffy wad of accolades, Ms. Patrick enjoys labelling things, hugging kittens, sitting in the sunshine, buying beautiful shoes she can’t wear, and of course, carrying on about the philosophy of practicing engineering. She resides in Spring, Texas, with her composer husband Joe, her cats Tori and Shoss, and her dog Chloe.

She does not own any fish.

I'm always disappointed that it doesn't read "Thanks anyway!"


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